Ana Ramos Rodrigues - BBSRC PhD student

I am interested in addressing the potential conflicts between the increasing rate of intensive agricultural land-use change and associated practices and our responsibility to protect and conservation insect pollinators.


Over the past few decades, evidence suggests that agricultural intensification is associated with pollinator declines, particularly social bees. This is concerning given they provide a key ecosystem service by being crucial pollinators of not only wild flowers but importantly our crop plant species around the world. However, a deep understanding as to how bees can cope in agriculturally dominated landscapes is still relatively limited.


During my PhD, I will address this evidence gap by i) using an experimental and ecological approach to understand how exposure to pesticides and variation in temporal availability of nutrition across a landscape affects colony development and fitness; and ii) using established spatial modelling tools to predict if specific landscapes can support bumblebee colonies.



Imperial College London

Silwood Park Campus

Buckhurst Road, Ascot