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Advertised positions

Fellowship opportunities

I am eager to host research fellows at Imperial College London and embrace fruitful collaboration. The fellow would be able to join or work closely with the research group with the opportunity to take advantage of the expertise and resources we have. This would include: i) knowledge and expertise on social bee behaviour (as well as other insects) ecology and evolution; ii) experience in experimental design (lab, greenhouse, and field) using insect systems; iii) access to data on bee physiology, behaviour and fitness measures; iv) use of Royal Society funded genomics lab and Imperial funded microbiology lab; v) potential access to genomic and RNA seq bumblebee data (in collaboration with Yannick Wurm at QMUL) and bee trait data; vi) access to Silwood Park to conduct experiments; vii) join a world-class Department and University with a wealth of multidisciplinary skills.

There are a variety of streams to apply for funding, but examples are:  Imperial College Research FellowshipMarie Curie Fellowships; NERC Fellowships; BBSRC Fellowships; the Royal Society University Fellowships.


PhD opportunities


Please watch out for PhD adverts to join our research group which is commonly through the NERC and BBSRC DTP funding stream. However, I welcome speaking to anyone interested in joining my research group that has, or knows of, alternative sources of funding - please contact me and discuss your research ideas/interests. 


Masters Projects

We always have a variety of projects each year suitable for between 3-12 month projects which include field, lab, and desk-based studies. We welcome students from both within and outside our institution. To date, we have been successful in ensuring the authorship of Masters students on publications.

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