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Dr Keith Larson - Director of the Arctic Research Centre at Umea University # Arctic plant-pollinator responses to climate change

Prof Elli Leadbeater - Royal Holloway University of London # Pesticide effects on bees, and honeybee foraging strategies


Prof Richard Bomphrey - Royal Veterinary College # Bee physical flight dynamics

Dr Samraat Pawar - Imperial College # Bee thermal performance curves


Prof Simon Potts  - Reading University # Threats to insect pollinators

Dr Peter Graystock - Imperial College # Pesticide risks to bees and their microbes

Prof Ian Barnes & Dr Selina Brace - Natural History Museum # Leveraging museum specimens to understand bee sensitivity to a century of environmental change

Dr Will Pearse - Imperial College # Century of morphological responses in bees and butterflies

Dr Poppy Lakeman Fraser - OPAL # X-polli:nation - an education &  citizen science tool to engage school children in supporting pollinators 

Dr Andres Arce - University of Suffolk # pesticide effects on bees, and bee phenological responses over the past century

Dr Yannick Wurm - Queen Mary University # Bee genomes & transcriptomes

Dr Joe Colgan - University Mainz, Germany # Bee genomes & transcriptomes

Prof Matt Webster - University of Uppsala, Sweden # Bee genomes

Prof Jeff Ollerton - University of Northampton & Copenhagen # Century of morphological responses in bees and butterflies

Prof Rob Ewers - Imperial College # Environmental change influences ant competition

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