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Dr Ash Samuelson - Was a BBSRC PhD student, and now works at Kew Gardens

Ash was supervised by Elli Leadbeater at Royal Holloway University of London, but was co-supervised by Rich Gill.

Ash was interested in studying how land use type affected the foraging behaviours and colony performances of bumblebees and honeybees.


Samuelson A, Gill RJ & Leadbeater E (2020) Urbanisation is associated with reduced Nosema sp. infection, higher colony strength and higher richness of foraged pollen in honeybees. Apidologie, 51, 746-762

Samuelson E, Gill RJ, Brown MJF & Leadbeater E (2018) Lower bumblebee colony reproductive success in agricultural compared with urban environments. Proc. Roy. Soc. B, 285, 20180807

Samuelson E, Chen-Wishart ZP, Gill RJ & Leadbeater E (2016) Effect of acute pesticide exposure on bumblebee spatial memory performance in the radial arm maze. Scientific Reports, 6, 38957

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