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Dr Daniel Kenna - Was a NERC PhD student in the group, now works for Defra

Was a NERC-funded PhD student through the Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet DTP in association with the Grantham Institute.

Danny looked to gain a clearer understanding of how pesticide exposure and temperature fluctuations interacted to affect bee behaviour, flight, and foraging performance.


Kenna D, Graystock P & Gill RJ (2023) Toxic temperatures: Bee behaviours exhibit divergent pesticide toxicity relationships with warming. Global Change Biology

Kenna D, Pawar S & Gill RJ (2021) Thermal flight performance reveals impact of warming on bumblebee foraging potential. Functional Ecology, 35, 2508-2522

Kenna D, Cooley H, Ramos Rodrigues A, Gill DS & Gill RJ (2019) Pesticide exposure affects flight dynamics and reduces flight endurance in bumblebees. Ecology & Evolution, 9, 5637-5650​​

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