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Dr Daniel Kenna - Was a NERC PhD student in the group, now works for Defra

Was a NERC-funded PhD student through the Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet DTP in association with the Grantham Institute.

Danny looked to gain a clearer understanding as to how pesticide exposure and temperature fluctuations affect bee behaviour, flight and foraging performance, and the consequences this can have on colony survival under different degrees of habitat fragmentation.


Kenna D, Pawar S & Gill RJ (2021) Thermal flight performance reveals impact of warming on bumblebee foraging potential. Functional Ecology, 35, 2508-2522

Kenna D, Cooley H, Ramos Rodrigues A, Gill DS & Gill RJ (2019) Pesticide exposure affects flight dynamics and reduces flight endurance in bumblebees. Ecology & Evolution, 9, 5637-5650​​

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